Commissioning a Piece

Commissioning a piece of handmade furniture is an exciting, collaborative effort between maker and client.  I welcome inquiries form individuals, institutions, designers, and architects.  I work with clients to design and build original pieces that have just the right look and feel they are after.   From jewelry boxes to rowboats, if you have an idea for a piece, I would love to hear from you.  

The process can begin with a sketch, or more often, just a general idea of what you might have in mind.  Maybe you have a funny spot in your house that you haven't been able to find anything for, or maybe you'd like to commission a piece for a special someone.

One of the first things we discuss is wood selection; to me, finding just the right kind of wood for a particular project is absolutely paramount.  Once the overall scope of the project has been finalized, I will sketch or draft a few possible designs, or possibly build a full-size mockup.  Once a design has been finalized and approved, materials are purchased and allowed to season in the shop.

 Throughout the construction process, I invite all clients to visit the shop as often as they like to check the progress of their heirloom. 




I am happy to hand-deliver completed pieces free of charge within the Houston area.  Smaller work being delivered outside our fair city can be sent via UPS; larger pieces are crated and shipped via white-glove delivery service.