"Dance Party," October 2011.  Fumed White Oak, Gold Leaf.  Completed for Lawndale Art Center's annual  Dia de Los Muertos  exhibition.  Who doesn't love a good dance party?
 ​I was excited to try Gothic lettering - almost all the lettering I have done to this point has been set in Trajan.  As it turns out, Gothic (specifically, "Walb Fraktur") is both challenging and time-consuming to carve - at least compared to Trajan - but well worth the effort.
 ​The letters are drawn (or at least adapted for carving) in Adobe Illustrator, then redrawn by hand.  This new drawing then serves as the template for the carving itself.
 ​Planing and sanding off the drawing...
 ​Sealing the letters with red bole before gilding.
 ​Test-gilding an "O."
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