​Teak and lemonwood with forged brass pulls, maple drawer sides, and Port Orford cedar drawer bottoms.  Approximately 7" wide x 5" tall x 7" deep.  (It's tiny!)
 ​I had been excited to build a little drawer-box for a while now.  I was driving home from Asheville, and managed to get myself lost somewhere in northeast Texas.  On a stretch between nowhere and nothing in particular, I saw one of those rolling, trailer-hitch marquee signs with a big arrow on top. "WOODWORKERS GET IN HERE," it read.  I followed instructions, and twenty minutes later I was back on the road with two gorgeous chunks of what was sold to me as lemonwood.
 The word  kodansu  refers to a small box or chest.  Specifically, it is a form of  tansu  traditionally used to hold small, personal items.  You know, like beach glass or a fountain pen or notes from your high school girlfriend.   Treasure.
 ​I had fun making the pulls: each one is made from brass bar stock, tapered, hammered, and forged into shape.
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