​This little table began as a commission from an awesome lady for "just like a shelf or something."  
 Sadly, I was all out of shelf-or-something stock at the shop.  All I had that might maybe work was a 3"-thick slab of kwila that I had bought years ago out of the back of some guy's car.  
 I could rightfully be called a ridicuolus liar if I claimed the curves on this table to be my own.  They were, in fact, inspired fairly directly by the work of a  coverall-clad Dane.
 ​I had never done quarter-round legs like these, but I thought it might be fun to try.  The kwila planed like a dream.
 Handplaning the legs to shape after cutting the joinery and bandsawing out the inside curves.  Despite planing beautifully, the shavings from the kwila would crumble immediately into what seemed to be basically soot.  After a while it just got easier to tell strangers that I worked in a coal mine.
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