Green bricks! @viacolori #wip #viacolori
Second coat of wiping varnish on the kwila tabletop! Yes!
Our fancy mosaic butterfly is starting to look like something! @viacolori #viacolori #wip
Let's Make (and Finish) a Door!
opted for a wiping varnish, a 50/50 mix of Epifanes Clear Varnish and mineral spirits. Each coat consisted of brushing a coat on one small section at a time, waiting a minute (I timed it), and wiping off lightly between coats, then wiping down with naptha. Eight coats later I applied several coats of TFB's
Bed Slat Locating Pins
dried, as it makes finishing easier, and any squeezed-out epoxy can simply be wiped off. Also, it it
Vidar Chairs (Under Construction)
wipe on and wipe off, and flows into corners well. The bad news is that it will end up taking five or
Little Black Boxes
-finished the piece helps here because any glue squeeze-out can simply be wiped up, rather than
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