Truck Deck: Day 1

Faced with limited options for lining the bed of the truck (screw-in plastic shell or spray-on rubber,) I decided to make my own bed liner using Ipe (pronounced EE-pey). When it's all said and done, the liner, or deck, will be constructed similar to a porch deck - long boards running the length of the bed will screw into shorter cross-beams (or joists, if you will.) But first thing's first...

I used standard 8' 1x6's for this project (available from most hardwood or flooring suppliers), and ripped them down to 5.25" to fit evenly between the wheel wells of the truck bed. Fresh-cut ipe smells a lot like garbage water mixed with a trip to the zoo - hence the mask.

I next used a 1.5" Forstner bit to drill a series of holes in two of the planks. These will later serve as stops for the bench dog-style hold-downs.

Finally, I sanded the planks and cross-pieces down to 220-grit. Next step: finishing...