Bed Slat Locating Pins

Rather than using a large box spring for the bed, the clients and I agreed that slats would work just as well to support the mattress. The slats themselves were easy enough to fabricate, but the pins that hold the slats in place required a little more work. Above, my high-tech setup for cutting the 1/4" brass rod stock into 32 1-inch "slugs."

Next, I chuck the 1" slugs into the drill press, then use a metal file and 400-grit sandpaper to chamfer and polish each pin.

The finished pins, ready for installation into the side rails.

Installing the pins into the bed rails. I use 5-minute epoxy, or as my teacher David used to call it, " 'toxy." Anyway, this job is best done after the finish has dried, as it makes finishing easier, and any squeezed-out epoxy can simply be wiped off. Also, it it looks as though the shop A/C unit seems to have pretty much given up for the day.