Music Box - Construction Pics

Rough-milled parts for the interior boxes, set aside to dry for a week.

Planing a curve in the top edge of one of the CD dividers.

Chopping out the pins for one of the interior boxes.

Laying using the pins to lay out the tails on the mating piece. The main reason I cut the pins first is to make this step easier and more reliable.

dscn4093.jpgChopped and pared dovetails, ready for assembly.

dscn4096.jpgSawing out the dovetails for the outer walnut box.

dscn4100.jpgChopping the pins for the outer box.

dscn4106.jpgTest-fitting the one set of dovetails...

dscn4108.jpgTest-fitting around two of the completed interior boxes.

dsc_0107.jpgAll the interior parts, laid out and ready for photography.

dsc_0009.jpgDisheveled woodworker, one day after Hurricane Ike, one day before deadine.