Teak Wall Cabinet, Week 2...

Sawing the solid stock into laminates for the curved door rails.

teak-wall-cabinet-6.jpgGluing up one of the door rails over a one-part form. I use UniBond (a urea-folmaldehyde glue), a ton of clamps, and at least as many cauls. Each lamination will need a full 24 hours to cure.

teak-wall-cabinet-7.jpgMeanwhile...Here's a neat trick (that I can in no way claim as my own) - Glue a backer board and "spine" to the board you plan on resawing into veneer. It keeps the board rigid as you slice veneers off (meaning you can take fewer passes on the jointer, and ultimately end up with more veneer), plus it has a built-in handle! Bonus!

teak-wall-cabinet-8.jpgA few slices of teak veneer, laid over the Alaskan yellow cedar that will be used for the interior of the cabinet.

teak-wall-cabinet-9.jpgGluing up the door frame. Long bar clamps are used to bring the bridal joints home, then smaller clamps are used to squeeze the joints themselves closed.