Pulpit - Mocking up

This was the "rough draft" of the Pulpit commissioned by Christ Church in Katy, Texas. The pulpit is part of a suite that will include a Communion Table and Baptismal Fount. After completing the drawings, I built the above mockup to get a sense of scale and proportion. This one was both too wide and too shallow...

Second (or maybe third or fourth) mockup. The "wings" are swept further back, making a better enclosure. With the basic dimensions down, the height of the "waist" can be determined.

Final mockup, complete with fancy Brazilian Cardboardwood panels. The grain is amazing.

Interior of the pulpit.

After figuring out all the critical dimensions and angles, a prototype (of sorts) can be made. I wanted to get an idea of how the five-sided posts would be made, and how the rails wold fit together to make the frame.

Next... sawing out parts!