Pulpit - Joinery

After milling the parts down to final dimensions and cutting to exact length (I resaw everything as close as I can on the bandsaw, then send it through the planer once or twice to clean it up), the next step is to cut the mortises for the floating tenons.

Cutting the mortises in the Pulpit posts...

Lengths of floating-tenon stock. I use a 1/4-round bit on each side of the square stock to half-rounded tenons (rather than chopping out and squaring up the mortises themselves.) The grooves down the middle allow glue to flow up through the joint while it's being clamped.

Cutting the floating tenons to length...

Dry-fitting the two "wings" of the Pulpit.

Pulpit, dry-fit, minus the panels, dividers, shelves, box, hardware, and everything else that still needs to be done.