Big Squam

This piece is the second half of a commission to build a sideboard and a small end table. The veneer for this piece all came from one amazing (and rare) plank of curly teak. (The cabinet was actually designed and built around that board.) You can read more about the design process here.

The sideboard's little (although technically older) brother, Little Squam, was built as a sort of prototype to work out many of the construction details. (You can see pictures of it here) The posts and rails are solid teak, and the panels are shop-sawn veneer over Baltic Birch plywood. The four drawers are dovetailed (by hand, always), and the hinges are shop-made from brass bar stock. The interior of the cabinet is finished with polished and waxed Alaskan Yellow cedar. The exterior is oiled and waxed.

You can see more pictures of the cabinet here.