New Website! Check It Out!

I am happy to announce the new-and-slightly-improved!  While the most noticable changes are a new color scheme and a (debatably) improved layout, the most exciting changes are on the back-end of things.  I have switched everything over to Squarespace, which is a fully self-contained hosting and blogging platform.  Now, adding posts and pictures is about as easy as sending an email, and I no longer have to re-format every picture I wanted to post.  Hopefully, this will mean I update this section much more often than I have been.

You might also notice the Gallery section has changed.  I no longer have work divided into categories; pieces are simply arranged chronologically.  After scratching our heads for days to try to come up with really clever names for basically the same categories of furniture, the whole thing just started to seem very arbitrary.  I have added a few pieces that had been lost in the shuffle, and a ton of extra pictures that my previous template wouldn't allow.

All of this is a way of saying I am extremely excited about the new site.  My hope is that it will be both a coherent showcase of the work I have made, and a more direct way to communicate with both clients and fellow woodworkers.  (Not that the two need be mutually exclusive.)  Anyway, please take a few minutes and have a look around - let me know what you think!