Lie-Nielsen Hand Tool Event Coming to Houston!

And by Houston, I mean the shop!  That's right, folks, you heard it here first- this October 21st and 22nd (that would be Friday and Saturday), Lie-Nielsen Toolworks will be holding one of its now-famous Hand-Tool Events here at the shop on Dunlavy.  

From Lie-Nielsen: This is a wonderful opportunity to try out our extensive line of hand tools & learn how great tools make your woodworking easier!  Our skilled staff conduct demonstrations to help demystify the world of hand tools and answer your questions. We cover topics like sharpening, tool use and care, and joinery techniques.  Lie-Nielsen hand tools are available for purchase at every Event. 

I couldn't agree more - using fine tools makes all the difference when doing fine work, and there is nothing quite like being able to try tools out first-hand.  I was fortunate to get to work with the fine folks at Lie-Nielsen a few years ago, and I am delighted and honored to be able to host this great event.  It should be a great time: Houston is beautiful in late October, and seeing Lie-Nielsen's entire product line in one place is a sight to behold.

Check back here often for details as October approaches.  We're looking forward to seeing y'all there!