​Pearwood with cocobolo pulls, curved glass doors, shellac and wax polish.  One adjustable glass shelf inside.
 ​Each of the four panes of glass are set at a slight angle to each other to compliment the slight curve across the face of the cabinet.
 ​I had been wanting to build another showcase cabinet for a while, and I had been been anxiously eyeing the pearwood sitting in the shop ever since I had milled it a few years ago.  Wood like this is, I think, rare, and the best thing to do seemed to be to let it do the talking.  This piece probably won't win any design awards; if anything, it wears its origins - the shop in Fort Bragg - on its sleeve.  But for what little it's worth, I am excited with how it turned out.
 ​Pulls are  attached with tiny through-tenons and wedges.
 ​The glass is held in with thin "stops," which are curved to match the doors.
 ​Carved shelf consoles.
 ​Filing and shaping the wooden "bumpers" that hold each door shut.
 ​I got a call from a friend of a neighbor asking if I would like to have a look at a tree they were taking down.  I said "Sure," and drove over.  You never know what might be growing in someone's backyard.
 ​We managed to save two big sections of the trunk (although sadly, not before the sawyer was well into one of the sections with the chainsaw...)
 ​This is a small(ish) bowl I turned with one of the leftover chunks of pear still floating around the shop after the cabinet was finished.  Beats the landfill.
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